What can disease teach you?

This blog will show you what a rare bone marrow disease is teaching me…

Each post springboards off my recent experiences, and then explores broader issues such as: the paradox of being both brave and fearful, the wonder of compassion, and how to live each passing moment with clarity.

Blood runs through the blog as surely as it courses through your veins. Blood cuts across gender, race and species – because we are all intimately dependent on it for our survival. It is your free and limitless currency – your internal source of abundance. You don’t need to ask a bank for it. You don’t need to exchange your time and skills for it. You can’t hoard it now for use in later life. You can lose it and you will make more – your body returning you to a perfect state of homeostasis.

Unless, that is, your bone marrow fails.

This space is also a platform for me to gently encourage you to join the stem cell register and/or donate blood – so you can help others who can’t make their own.

Thank you for reading and participating.