Thanksgiving Haikus

Someone, somewhere is undergoing a rigorous set of medical tests.

Soon, he will begin a self-injection regime to send his stem cell production into overdrive.

When his bones are near bursting point, release will come by circling his supercharged blood through a cell-separating machine.

He will go home drained – quite literally – his marrow rebounding only after a week or so.

All for me.

It’s tricky to articulate immense gratitude for a man you don’t know.

To my donor

My two words – thank you –
fall flat on the page beside
your deep pool of grace

In bones’ spongy core
tectonic plates collided
my marrow buckled

You share cells freely
as clouds scatter their raindrops
onto a cracked earth

Unspeakable joy!
Our stories can twine, in the
sprawling mycelium

Seedlings take root,
the forest can play again
its sweet symphony

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Haikus

  1. Oh love I wish you could really send this poem to your donor. I love your writing, I’m glad for the world that you’ve started writing. All your posts are full of insight, so thoughtful and observant. Massive love xxxx


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