Dear reader and friend,

Home is a beautiful place to be!

Surrounded by my boys and the magical energy that swirls through this house, I am finding joy in the smallest wonders that were hidden from me in hospital. Pink-tinted clouds veiling a morning sunrise, the sweet melody of birds chirruping at dawn and dusk, an organic tree-shaped shadow flickering on the wall at night.

The transplant took well. Now begins an onerous regime of check-ups, and so many daily medications that if I were to jump up and down, I would rattle like a pill box.

The main side effects are immense nausea and fatigue on a level I have never experienced.

I take a snail-paced amble in the park each day. Then, I spend the rest of my time either asleep or slouched on the couch watching the boys play.

I am going to halt the blog for a while, as writing is too taxing for my sleepy brain. I’d prefer not to churn out meaningless piffle while I trudge through the hardest part of the recovery process.

If you didn’t catch the Twixmas post, about how lemonade can actually save your life, you can catch it here.

I’ll be back to writing when my energy levels increase.

Much love x

One thought on “Dear reader and friend,

  1. And much love to you Jodie. Also we wish you much patience as you continue the slow trudge back to full health. Hang on in there Gurl!! Xxxxx


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