On creativity, sharing & empowerment

Personal aplastic anaemia blogs tend to end abruptly. Following weeks or months of emotionally charged posts, without announcement, they just… stop. This leaves my mind to flit anxiously between the only 2 possible scenarios: a. the patient has grown tired of recounting their health journey and neglected to inform their readers, orb. the patient has diedContinue reading “On creativity, sharing & empowerment”

Dear reader and friend,

Home is a beautiful place to be! Surrounded by my boys and the magical energy that swirls through this house, I am finding joy in the smallest wonders that were hidden from me in hospital. Pink-tinted clouds veiling a morning sunrise, the sweet melody of birds chirruping at dawn and dusk, an organic tree-shaped shadowContinue reading “Dear reader and friend,”

How hard times can save your life

Don’t you hate that phrase? “When life gives you lemons… make lemonade!” You’ve just lost your dream job. Or found out your partner slept with your best friend. Or your kid has contracted a serious illness. And some well-meaning moron tries to infuse you with their glass-half-full approach to life – when all you wantContinue reading “How hard times can save your life”

Covid Bells

Please indulge me. It’s Christmas Eve and the world is ridiculous. * Read (or sung) to the tune of Jingle bells. Down in Denmark HillIn King’s College HospitalTreatments all day long6am ‘til dusk Friendless in my roomDismal ugly viewChristmas feast for me will beReheated veggie stew, Oh! Jingle bells, lockdown smellsCovid’s screwed things upEveryone’s at homeContinue reading “Covid Bells”

How are you?

It’s a question we ask and are asked constantly – which is curious, as it tends to elicit such a meaningless response. “I’m very well, thank you! How are you?” Any elaboration on all that is going on for you – or just an honest “I feel crap” – is generally received with unease. A full-bodied answerContinue reading “How are you?”

Being born becomes easier with age – true or false?

I have a bumble bee jasper stone, polished into the shape of a heart, about the size of my big toe. A jagged grey line cuts right through the stone, bisecting it in the middle, breaking the heart in half. The left side is yellow flecked with delicate wisps of off-white and golden ochre. TheContinue reading “Being born becomes easier with age – true or false?”

So long, farewell, auf wiedershen, good night

Goodbyes come in many guises. Some are grief-stricken, some are joyful. Some are laden with regret, some are triumphant. Some are transient, some are final. This week, I am doing my round of goodbyes. As I temporarily retreat from ‘normal life’ – knowing that the party will carry on without me – I feel likeContinue reading “So long, farewell, auf wiedershen, good night”

Thanksgiving Haikus

Someone, somewhere is undergoing a rigorous set of medical tests. Soon, he will begin a self-injection regime to send his stem cell production into overdrive. When his bones are near bursting point, release will come by circling his supercharged blood through a cell-separating machine. He will go home drained – quite literally – his marrowContinue reading “Thanksgiving Haikus”

The art of being prepared

Do you remember those saccharine sticks of rock you used to buy at the seaside? The ones with words like ‘Southend on Sea’ impossibly inscribed along the middle. If you sliced through my bones, you would find the word ‘Planner’ debossed in indelible ink along their core. How does an inveterate planner prepare for anContinue reading “The art of being prepared”

Bouncing back from a bad patch

It’s hard to be inside. I mean, confined to a room with no view of the wild world, no sweet scent of nature, no feel of the vagrant wind caressing your skin. Last week, I had a trial run as an in-patient. Keyhole surgery and a 2-day hospital stint. A preparatory exercise ahead of theContinue reading “Bouncing back from a bad patch”